Cooking classes with Maria Carnevale

Most of the ingredients used in authentic Sicilian cuisine can be found only in Sicily, and certain ways of preparing the food, for example, what gets done with artichokes (described in the Sicilian artichoke pizza recipe), are very different to what many people today are accustomed to. So go to Sicily. Sniff the scent of the lemon blossoms and wander through the island's many timeless markets in order to discover all the unusual and delicious ingredients and recipes.

Cooking course in Sicily - Theory and Practice

If you really want to get a handle on Sicilian cooking, I recommend a cooking course with Maria Carnevale. She is a specialist in Sicilian cuisine whose delicious food I myself have enjoyed. The classes take place at the Solemar Sicilia language school located along the sea, and while you are cooking in the outdoor kitchen on the terrace, you can admire the incredible sunset over the Gulf of Palermo. Some recipes from Maria Carnevale can be found here.

Maria Carnevale is multi-lingual, and is not only an expert in Sicilian cuisine, but also the co-manager of the Solemar Sicilia language school. The core business of this school is, of course, to teach Italian to visitors who enjoy a view of the mountains and the sea. The following apartments are located directly on the sea or in fishing villages: